JMEC is a commitment of time, money and energy, and future participants often want to speak with past JMEC participants before applying.  To speak with alumnus, attend a JMEC information session where JMEC alumni will be present to tell attendees what it's "really" like to be a JMEC participant.

If you are not able to attend an information session, you can find out what past JMEC participants have to say about the program by reading one of the case studies below. You will find out why past participants joined the program and what they got out of it.

Sébastien Arribe participated in JMEC 23, 2016-2017. As a software engineer, he entered JMEC to receive an introduction to business.

Ami Watanabe participated in JMEC 22, 2015-2016. She was a Daijob Scholarship Recipient who was attracted to the academic nature and practical appplication of a JMEC certificate.

Jonathan Monsanto  participated in JMEC 20, 2014-2015. He wanted to start his own IT company in Japan and how to write a business plan.

Todd Stevens participated in JMEC 16, 2010-2011. He put his experienc from JMEC into practice with his bar Beer Cats.

Gregoire de Theux participated in JMEC 14, 2007-2008. He used his JMEC experience to help him set up the Belgian subsidiary of New Tree.

Henry Monahan  participated in JMEC 13, 2006-2007. He is a former English teacher in Japan who, after participating in JMEC, was hired by his project client to implement the very plan he wrote.

Jun Uchida participated in JMEC 13, 2006-2007. Jun didn't want to commit two years to business school, so instead he used JMEC to get the business education he was looking for. As a result, his JMEC experience has helped him move from supply-chain management to consulting at a global-consulting firm.

Glenn Lambert  participated in JMEC 10, 2003-2004. He is a former JET teacher who used JMEC to get his first job in Tokyo. He has since been promoted within his company several times and draws upon the skills he acquired in JMEC to do his job today.