Benefits of JMEC

The Japan Market Expansion Competition (JMEC) provides an opportunity for individuals living and working in Japan to improve their business skills and learn about doing business in Japan. For anyone considering an MBA in Japan, or even for those that already have an MBA, JMEC offers the advantage of hands-on experience writing a real business plan for a company that is seeking to enter or expand into the Japanese market.

JMEC participants join the program for a variety of reasons. Some want to learn more about the Japanese business environment while others are looking to change jobs or careers and seek to expand their network. Some are Japanese who want to learn more about working for a foreign company in Japan, and some want to learn how to write a business plan so they can start their own company. 

Regardless of the reason, each participant leaves the program with an expanded network of contacts and an unforgettable experience. In addition, participants:

    • Acquire valuable business knowledge through a series of lectures and workshops delivered by experienced executives. Topics include, but are not limited to, market research, finance & accounting, distribution, project management, advertising & public relations, group dynamics, entrepreneurship, presentation skills and business plan writing.

    • Gain practical, hands-on knowledge while researching and writing a business plan for a company in, or planning to enter into, the Japanese market.

    • Gain insight into the culture and practices of companies in Japan.

    • Develop group dynamic skills while working in a competitive, multi-national team environment.

    • Broaden their network of friends and professional contacts.

    • Improve time management, team management and project management skills.

    • Have the chance to win valuable prizes.

    • Receive a Peason-certified JMEC certificate upon completion of the program.


If you are interested in becoming a participant, we strongly recommend attending an information session held each fall to understand the scope and rigor of the program. It is an opportunity to meet fellow potential participants and to meet program alumni. For upcoming information session dates and to register, click here.

There are many opportunities to support your business training by applying for scholarships offered through sponsoring chambers and companies. Click here and scroll down to "funding Your Business Training".

To read more testimonials and case studies from past JMEC participants, click here.