Success in the Japan Market with JMEC

From Japan market entry by a foreign entrepreneur to a multi-national corporation attempting to expand further into the Japanese market, JMEC business plans are as varied as the companies they are written for. Many potential project clients, however, want to know what past project clients experienced in the JMEC program as well as what kind of results they saw after implementing the business plan they received.

The following is a list of case studies written about past JMEC project clients.

SKW East Asia/Parasol Media.

SKW East Asia participated in JMEC 13, 2006-2007. This German company asked its JMEC team for a plan to help boost sales of its parasols and umbrellas in the Japanese market. The result was a custom media plan that immediately led to an increase in demand for the product.


Enterprise Ireland.

This Irish government agency participated in JMEC 12, from 2005-2006. The agency asked its JMEC team for a plan that would guide Irish fashion designers on the best way to enter the Japanese market. The result was a storefront where buyers could peruse Irish fashion products, which has been implemented and is in business today.


Lloyd's TSB.

Lloyd's participated in JMEC 2, 1994-1995. The company asked its JMEC team to come up with a simple way for customers to conduct foreign remittance transactions. The result was "Go Lloyd's: Fly Your Money Home," a service widely used in Japan today.