FAQs for Companies Considering JMEC

The Japan Market Expansion Competition (JMEC) is a unique concept, and companies that are considering undertaking a project often have many questions. Below is a list of the most common questions asked by potential project clients. For more information, please email info@jmec.gr.jp.

A. JMEC is a program designed to foster the development of foreign business in Japan while strengthening the skills of up-and-coming business executives. It is centered on a competition to write the best business plan during the program year. JMEC brings together highly-motivated participants willing to challenge themselves, with companies who want to enter into or expand within the Japanese market.
A. Companies or organizations requiring a business plan for the Japanese market. The objective of the plan may be to introduce a new company or product to the market or to revitalize an aspect of a company's operations in Japan, revision of the distribution network, entry into new market segments etc.
A. Any resident or non-resident company or organization considering introducing, expanding or repositioning a product or service in the Japanese market.
A. JMEC accepts a wide variety of projects, limited only by the number of places available and the level of detail required by the project. In the case that there are not enough spaces available for all companies that apply, preference will be given to members of JMEC’s supporting chambers of commerce.
A. There are many benefits of participating in the JMEC program. Among them are:
  • A comprehensive business plan covering a wide range of issues: strategy, marketing, sales, finance, human resources, legal etc. Most importantly, the business plans address YOUR needs in introducing or expanding your product or service in the Japanese market

  • A lower-cost business plan. The cost to clients is a fraction of the cost required to prepare a business plan with the help of outside consultants.

  • A team of five to six mid-career, pre-trained professionals who work on your project and your project only, for a period of five months (January to May).

  • A fresh perspective to the client's business problems, unconstrained by in-house limitations and conventions. The teams have the freedom to think outside the box.

  • The experience of senior consultants, who review the business plans, and mentors who guide the teams .

  • Each company must designate a company employee to act as contact (company liaison) for the team throughout the competition. The company liaison will be point of contact for the team throughout the competition.

  • The company liaison represents the company's interests and concerns and must be able to respond to the team's questions in a timely manner via phone, email or in person, providing the team with the information necessary to prepare a successful business plan.

  • The company liaison and/or company representatives must be available to conduct a project briefing to the JMEC team mentor by the 10th January and to the JMEC team during the second or third week of January.

  • Project clients will receive their business plans by the end of May.

  • The cost to be a JMEC project client is ¥1,500,000.

  • The first installment of ¥700,000 is due upon acceptance into the program.

  • The second installment of ¥800,000 is due by December 25th.

  • Discounts are available to companies that apply and pay by September 30. The early bird discounted rate is ¥1,200,000.

  • An overseas bank transfer fee will be added to each remittance from overseas.

  • Fees are not refundable

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A. Applications to be a project client are on-going throughout the year. For the current year, projects are accepted until November 30th. To qualify for the early bird discounted rate of JPY1,200,000, companies must apply and pay by September 30 of the calendar year. The business plan project starts in January and the business plan will be delivered to the client by the first week of May.