Enter and Expand into the Japan Market

Typical JMEC Project Clients

Companies that require boots-on-the-ground business plans for market entry, revitalization of existing operations, new product introduction, or revision of current distribution networks.  

Our project clients are companies ranging in size from large multinational corporations down to small one-person start-ups based within or outside Japan.  They also include NPOs and educational institutions.

Over the past few years, participants wrote plans covering areas of big data, IoT and AI services, automative, community initiatives, electric batteries, high-end luxury goods, optical polarizers, biotechnology food products, and property development to illustrate the spectrum of products and industries covered.

Past Project Clients include: Dyson, Siemens, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan, Finnair, Coloplast, Bang & Olufsen, McGill University, Electrolux,  Heineken, Coloplast, United Airlines, Villeroy & Boch, Ipsos, Sumitomo 3M, Hewlett Packard, Pearson, Ardo, and many other international companies. However, typically 60-70% of JMEC project clients are small and medium sized companies, and new businesses.

Since 1993, over 280 organizations have engaged a JMEC team to conduct market research and analysis, and write a business plan for market entry, a new product or service, or identify opportunities for new business growth.

JMEC accepts a variety of projects of  various complexities, limited only by the number of slots available in each year's program, usually twelve. Whether your company is considering entering the Japanese market or expanding operations within Japan, a JMEC Business plan my be just the solution for your organization. 

"I was very impressed by the depth and conclusions of the plan, which was way beyond my original expectations. The plan has given me the confidence to progress with the project because the team were able to access potential customers and ideas that I hadn't thought of. Flexibility and the ability to think outside the box are a hallmark of JMEC teams and this team showed such characteristics in spades". Hamish Ross, Tokyo-based entrepreneur and investor 

"Choosing JMEC as partner for our project proved to be absolutely the right decision. Our JMEC team was highly motivated and moved quickly, and we were impressed by the level of technical and commercial detail that was uncovered." Andreas Oberecker, Ardex, Asia Regional Managing Director                  

For more information and to discuss how a JMEC team can help your business, please contact our Program Director, Trond Varlid at trond@jmec.gr.jp and Assistant Program Director, Nele Duprix at nele@jmec.gr.jp, or if you have already decided to become a project client, you can apply here.

Early Bird Special application deadline: September 30, Project Client Fee: ¥1,200,000.

Project Client application deadline: November 30, Project Client Fee: ¥1,500,00